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We can help you answering the following questions: How do you Keep your Marriage Intact? How do you Make your Marriage Work? How do you make your marriage Divorce Proof? How do you have Marital Bliss? How do you have More Love & Less Stress in relationship? If you want to know more, then this is the right page for you.


Marriage is a divine institution which was ordained by God in the garden of Eden. It is an institution meant for man's pleasure. Not only must one feel good to be married, but everyone looking at married people must see in them the goodness of marriage.


Fighting For Your Marriage


Unless you fight for the preservation, betterment and success of your marriage, nobody else will. You cannot expect your children, your brothers, your sisters, your friends or your pastors do the fighting for you. They have no reason to so so because it is not their marriage. Marriage is a vitally important institution which should not be entered into lightly and ill-advisedly. Thus the Marriage Ministry conducts seminars to Help those wanting to get married, and those that are already married.

Various Issues are addressed such as:


Money Matters

Conflict Resolution







And one of the benefits of patience is that you avoid making emotional decisions. You avoid saying and doing the wrong things. There are some people who in their moments of anger have said or done some things they never meant to say or do. 

For instance, during some angry outburst, one woman said to her husband "After all, these children whom you think are yours are not yours!" This woman had never meant to say this to her husband. Although she die not mean what she said, her angry outburst ended up costing her, her marriage. Patience helps you to develop self-control. In other words, patience is not despondency. It is a purposeful delay which places you in a good position to be able to make sober, well thought out and wise decisions.

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